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Organising finance for the purchase of equipment can be daunting.  But obtaining a pre-approval takes the stress out of the process, especially when you use a finance broker.

A pre-approval sets you in a better position to negotiate with the seller when buying equipment.  Knowing exactly what your budget is before your feet hit the pavement enables you to wheel and deal with confidence.

Also, you are considered a more attractive buyer as you are ready to make the purchase.

Just to be clear, just because you have a pre-approval doesn’t mean you have to go ahead with a purchase.  Also they have a shelf life generally of 3 months, and a pre-approval is no obligation and cost free.

What is involved in getting a pre-approval?

Having a discussion with your broker on the equipment type, preferable make, year and model of equipment is the starting point.  Often minimal documentation is required depending on your financial situation.  The broker will do all the leg work in negotiating with the lenders for the best loan.

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If you want peace of mind, get in touch with us today so we can arrange your pre-approval.  We will help you understand the process and get the loan, leaving you to focus on getting the best equipment.

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