Business Finance

PMG Finance can offer the following business finance options for both established and start-ups.

Short term unsecured business finance

These types of loans are particularly useful when a business has the opportunity to:

  • purchase a large order that needs to be fulfilled which requires the purchase of stock available at a discount for a limited time
  • a large order needs to be fulfilled which requires the purchase of stock or materials
  • run a promotion or a marketing opportunity which requires stock to be purchased
  • where a business is waiting for clients to pay on existing invoices or
  • a short-term opportunity arises which you believe is beneficial for your business.

Often, obtaining a short-term business loan can be a better option than taking a long-term loan, where usually additional security is required and the term does not match your finance requirements.

Long-term business finance

PMG Finance can also tailor solutions for long-term funding, and we have access to specialist staff who can arrange solutions for the purchase or expansion of commercial property and buildings or for the refinancing of long-term debt.

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