What Are Australia’s Hardest Trades?

What Are Australia's Hardest Trades?

Being a tradie is not just “beer and skittles” as the expression goes. The work is long, hard and often you have to start before sunrise to keep your clients happy. Here we discuss what are Australia’s hardest trades?

In a survey of over 1400 Aussies that have hired tradesmen through, Australians overwhelmingly thought that plumbing was the hardest trade to work in. Builders, electricians and removalists were also fingered for being tough professions.

Aussies thought that certain trade professions like plumbing and building were hard due to the skills needed and the level of fitness and strength required to do a good job. 20 percent of respondents thought that there was simply too much dirty work required.

On the flip side, when asked what type of tradie you’d want to be, more than 42 percent of respondents aspired to be an electrician. With average charge out rates approaching $100/hour, it’s no wonder this trade was the most popular among those that aspire to earn the big bucks.

“Builders and electricians are routinely at the top of our list of big earners on,” said Jeremy Levitt, CEO of said. “Jobs in renovation and construction are the most lucrative. One of our top tradies, Murray Pulldore from Resourceful Maintenance Services, reported having generated over $500k…That’s over five times the average Australian wage and it’s no wonder the typical Aussie wants to get work as a builder or electrician when many of these tradies generate over six figures a year and almost $100/hour on average.”

So the bottom line is, if you are fit, skillful, have the capacity to work long hours and don’t mind getting dirty from time to time, then there are big bucks to be made by being a tradie…but be prepared to leave “beer and skittles” for the weekend.



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