DJ – Transport FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Second Hand Equipment be Financed?

It sure can!!  Although the age and type of equipment being purchased may impact the term and structure of the loan. 

Can Equipment Purchased from a Private Vendor be Financed?

Absolutely.  When purchasing equipment from a private vendor, it is essential that proof of ownership is determined as well as making sure that there isn’t any existing finance owing on the equipment.  We take care of all of this for you, ensuring no nasty surprises later on. 

Am I Able to Structure Repayments to Match My Cash Flow?

While repayments are normally monthly in advance, it is possible to structure repayments to match your cash flow.  An example would be a primary producer who receives income once a year when their harvest their crop.  Repayments can be structured to match this. 

Am I Able to Finance a Portion of the Equipment Cost?

The amount of the purchase price you would like to finance is entirely up to you.  Some customers prefer to put a cash deposit towards the purchase. 

Why Should I Use Darryl Instead of Going Straight to my Bank?

The finance industry is a competitive one, with many players.  Darryl will take the hard work out of finding equipment finance by using his strong relationships with lenders to make sure you get the best deal possible. 

Darryl’s customers describe him as “a true professional and all round great guy” who provides service that is “second to none”.  You don’t just become another number in the database when financing through Darryl, he stays involved throughout the term of the loan and beyond.